By Jon Stiles Tuesday was a big day. The close of the polling stations mark the end to voters’ participation in a broad array of political contests, most notably the closely watched Presidential race. However, today is only the beginning for the post-mortem analyses of the elections by academics, who will scrutinize actual turnouts and preferences and trace the results back through the snapshots of pre-election polling results, campaign finance, and local demographics. Interest in this exercise will heightened by the prominence of poll aggregators - like,, or - which yielded bitterly disputed predictions of the election results. For Berkeley researchers, some resources which can help them explore some of these issues include the Statewide Database, which provides geographically detailed information for California for the last two decades. (Information about the SWDB is summarized in Karin Mac Donald’s presentation in the Data Resources @Berkeley seminars. For those interested in exit polls, Berkeley also has access to the Roper Center’s collection of national- and state-level exit polls, which provide microdata for secondary analysis. These are just the beginning – have a favorite resource? Or questions about finding data? Let us know -