The career evening and datathon with Cornerstone was a huge hit.  

On the evening of April 30th, several staff from Cornerstone came to D-Lab to talk about work as an economic consultant: a practical application of rigorous quantitative research and analysis.  The culture at Cornerstone - a mixture of rigor and collegiality, of suits and jeans, of financial district and tech industry - is a great fit for D-Lab!

Then, on May 2, 2015, the first day of dead week, twenty students showed up, including one walk in! It was a full day of programming and economic analysis. It started early, some participants arriving at 8 am. The day was intense with concentration and ended at 5pm.

Congratulations to all of the Datathon participants, and especially to the three winners: Benjamin LeRoy, Hiroto Udagawa, and David Liang!

Contestants were given the challenge to consider a hypothetical merger between two national healthcare companies. They used R and Stata and their analytical skills to determine the impact on competition. We received a wide variety of very thoughtful responses.  The winning submissions are posted here for those who are curious.

Thanks and appreciation to everyone at Cornerstone and D-Lab who were involved with putting together this program. 


Susan Grand

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