Berkeley has incredible course offerings for social scientists in training. They're in scores of departments across a dozen colleges and schools. That's the richness of Berkeley, and also its challenge: How do you find your way to courses you need? Some are in the disciplinary departments. Many others are in the professional schools.

Check out the Fall 2013 course list -- now online.

We've made it easier to explore across the disciplines. We've gone through departmental listings for offerings on methods, approaches, techniques, tools, software, or data relevant to data-intensive social science. What you'll find: more than 250 courses at the graduate and upper-division undergrad levels.

Search on key terms and see where the training you need can be found. Poke around in other areas and see what's not offered, but maybe should be. Hint: If you're looking for social network analysis, your best bet may be our student-led working group. And find interesting courses in places you may not have thought to look. Say, if you're interested in open-source, reproducible scholarship using all kinds of advanced tools, check out

  • Astronomy 250, Python Computing for Data Science
  • Info 290M, Open Collaboration and Peer Production
  • Statistics 157, Reproducible and Collaborative Data Science

What else you can do: You can look back at Spring 2013 listings. We'll be building a database extending through time. We're looking forward to getting into Cal Answers data and doing analytics on student coursetaking patterns.