The D-Lab is hiring instructors and consultants beginning Summer 2017 to teach introductory, advanced beginner, and intermediate workshops and/or provide consulting. If you feel inspired to help fellow researchers and students learn about and work research tools, methods & techniques, we're interested in hearing from you. D-Lab is an open, inclusive culture that values diversity and open exchange. We will let you develop leadership in your particular area while working collaboratively with other students and staff.

Specifically we are looking for students with compentency and experience using R, Python, Stata, text analysis, network analysis, data visualization, geospatial methods, machine learning, databases/data management, and qualitative data methods. If you have other areas of expertise that you would like to share let us know.

Qualifications for D-Lab Instructors:

  • demonstrated competency in one or more of the above areas

  • available on campus the week before classes start (August 14-18, 2017) (R & Python only)

  • current UCB students in the semester in which they teach

  • have experience with social science or humanities research data and applications

  • teaching experience - as a lecturer preferred

Qualifications for D-Lab Consultants:
  • demonstrated competency in one or more of the aforementioned topic areas

  • experience with research design and analysis

  • have experience with social science, hard science, or humanities research data and applications

  • available 2-4 hours/week to consult

Compensation and Hours

D-Lab instructors and consultants are hired as Student Assistants as of Fall 2016. Instructors are compensated for their time in the workshop plus preparation. We provide the workshop materials for the R, Stata and Python intro workshops. Instructors are also compensated to develop new workshop materials for the D-Lab pending approval. D-Lab instructors work a minimum of 10 hours per semester and no more than 10 hours per week. Instructors typically teach one workshop a month and may assist with another once a month. Consultants are compensated for the time during which they consult, hold office hours, prepare, and follow-up.

Potential instructors should fill out this survey and email Patty Frontiera at: to apply.