If you feel inspired to help fellow researchers and students learn about and work with research methods and tools, we're interested in hiring you. The D-Lab supports quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods research at each stage of the process—from research design to data analysis. We have an open, inclusive culture that values diversity and open exchange. At D-Lab, you will have the opportunity to develop leadership in a particular area while working collaboratively with other students and staff.  Our needs tend to fall into three categories, described below.

1.  Services Team. These positions are usually filled with a 25% to 50% appointment.  We may be able to offer fee remission with 50% appointments.  Graduate students in these roles will work in a combination of the following areas:

  • Training, services, and outreach. Plan workshops and trainings, recruit and interview instructors, coordinate working groups, reach out to departments, and monitor user analytics to ensure that we are meeting students’ needs.
  • Communications. Broad portfolio with specializations including website (Drupal), social media, graphic design, communications writing, photography, documentation, and ethnography. Support our development, communications and outreach efforts.
  • Technology infrastructure and tool development. Tell us what you think we should be building, help us develop use cases and advocate across campus. Experience with databases and data management, Internet of Things, mobile sensors, IPython Notebook, other open-source options for reproducible and collaborative research, and the Berkeley Data Analytics Stack (BDAS) is useful, but not required.


2.  Consultants. We're looking for one-on-one support for a wide range of methods, tools, and data. We are eager to expand the areas of support we offer, and encourage you to join our roster of active consultants. 2-4 hours/week.

3.  Workshop instructors. D-Lab is always on the lookout for grad students who can share their hard-won skills with other researchers. We invite you to propose new trainings. The D-Lab is committed to providing a variety of quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods workshops, so please tell us what you'd like to see -- or what you could teach!

We'll interview you, support you, and embed you in an energizing environment. Go to the D-Lab Talent Portal for more information and to submit your application for the consulting or services team positions. Email me directly if you would like to apply to be a workshop instructor at the D-Lab or have a suggestion about our workshops. 



Patty Frontiera

Dr. Patty Frontiera is the D-Lab geospatial topic area lead. As such, she develops the geospatial workshop curriculum, teaches workshops and consults on geospatial topics.  Patty has been with the D-Lab since 2014 and served as the the Academic Coordinator through Spring 2017. Patty received her Ph.D. in Environmental Planning from UC Berkeley where her dissertation explored the application and effectiveness of generalized spatial representations in geographic information retrieval.