This semester, the D-Lab plans to expand our qualtiative data analysis offerings in response to the high demand for our workshops and the Qualitative Methods Group (QMG) activities.  The expansion includes new workshop leaders and additional workshops, which will also add to the available qualitative consultants.  Over the course of this semester, we hope to achieve a new level of resources for qualitative social scientists across campus!  

The Vision for D-Lab's Expansion of Qualitative Data Analysis Offerings

The comprehensive vision includes the following components, both new and old:

  • "How I did it" brown bag sessions - Beginning in March, the D-Lab will offer 1-hour brown bag research presentations, including both qualitative and quantitative topics every other week.  Each session will consist of a short presentation or demonstration of a technique or tool used for a research project, followed by a Q&A with attendees.  This is a great opportunity to see how your fellow qualitative researchers are collecting, coding, and analyzing their data.
  • Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) Software Workshops - D-Lab has primarily supported Atlas.TI for several years, but future offerings will expand our QDA workshops to MaxQDA, NVivo, and Dedoose.  This includes a workshop on how to use MaxQDA with your qualitative data at the end of February.
  • Coding and Analysis Workshops - Many of our qualitative consultations focus on questions of how to approach coding and analysis, which led to the workshop offering "From Coding Qualitative Data to Analyzing it."  Future workshops will provide a variety of perspectives on how to approach coding and analysis by several new workshop leaders.
  • Mixed-Methods Research Workshops - QMG sessions with mixed-methods experts have been enormously popular over the years, so we are working to add new workshops on best practices and advice for designing and implementing mixed-methods research studies.
  • Qualitative Methods Group (QMG) - Back again by popular demand, QMG will continue its' speaker series, providing a space for informal conversation with experts on a range of topics around qualitative data and analysis.  You can find the QMG speaker series by looking for workshops advertised as "QMG Presents."  Additionally, QMG is continuing with Qualitative Research Support Groups for a second semester, providing graduate students actively working with qualtiative data an opportunity to build community with other graduate students through accountability, troubleshooting, and writing group activities.
  • Consulting - Finally, the options of qualitative consultants continues to grow each semester with a total of 5 so far this spring!

 Interested in being a part of this new change?  Email Zawadi Rucks-Ahidiana ( to get involved!


Zawadi Rucks-Ahidiana

Zawadi is a PhD candidate in the sociology department. Since 2015, she has been the Qualitative Data Lead at D-Lab.  She leads workshops on qualitative data analysis, provides consulting for qualitative projects, and organizes the Qualitative Methods Group working group.