The Social Sciences Data Laboratory (D-Lab) is seeking an undergraduate intern for 8-10 weeks during the summer of 2014. The internship is targeted toward groups traditionally underrepresented in data-intensive research. This paid summer internship will provide an undergraduate with the opportunity to learn and apply data-intensive social science skills with broad applicability in research and analysis.  We are seeking applicants with strong interests and potential to develop skills in this area, who have completed at least two years of study or the equivalent. The academic majors for which this experience will be relevant include (but are not limited to) Sociology, Political Science, Ethnic Studies, African American Studies, Economics, Anthropology, etc. The D-Lab provides a fast-paced environment which emphasizes

  • accountability and responsibility to teammates
  • development and delivery of defined work products
  • coordinated scheduling and use of time.

While working on an empirical research project with D-Lab team members, the intern will develop transferable skills that have direct applicability to post-graduation employment, including

  • finding and evaluating data resources
  • planning a project and managing time
  • developing interpersonal and collaborative work relationships
  • communicating results in written and oral form.

The internship will incorporate formal training, guided exploration, and short directed tasks to introduce the student to computational and research design skills, locating, accessing and acquiring data, and data management and cleaning.  The intern will work with at least one widely used software tool (e.g. R, Stata, Python, QDA, SPSS) , and will undertake a short supervised research project employing the tools learned during the first month of the internship, resulting in graphics, text, and a presentation to convey the results of that work.

Applicants should provide:

  •  A statement of interest and experience, no more than two pages, indicating their prior experience with research and research tools, their goals for the internship, and why they think this internship is suited for them.
  •  A summary sheet information with name and contact information, current GPA, units and semesters completed, and major. An unofficial transcript showing completed coursework is preferred.

Applicant materials should be submitted by May 1, 2014 to:

summer_intern AT


Jon Stiles

Jon Stiles has supported research data (and the folks who use it) at UC Berkeley since 1995. He helped build the D-Lab from its inception in 2011, through studs and bolts, to its present incarnation as a hub for social data scientists on campus and beyond.  Stiles received his PhD in Sociology from UC Berkeley, and his research interests include educational and population dynamics, immigration, and inequality and stratification.