We're looking for grad students to join us in the D-Lab this Fall.

If you feel inspired to help fellow researchers and students, we're starting to collect information about possible contributors to add to our staff for the Fall. We have an open, inclusive culture that values diversity and open exchange. We'll let you develop leadership in a particular area while working collaboratively with other students and staff.

Our needs tend to fall into five categories, The first three are usually filled with a 25% to 50% appoinment.

  1. Training, services, and outreach. Plan workshops and trainings, recruit and interview instructors, coordinate working groups, reach out to departments, run our user analytics.
  2. Communications. Broad portfolio with specializations including website (Drupal), social media, graphic design, communications writing, photography, documentation, and ethnography. Support our development and outreach efforts.
  3. Technology infrastructure and tool development. Tell us what you think we should be building, help us develop use cases and advocate across campus. We're particularly interested if you have experience with IPython Notebook, other open-source options for reproducible and collaborative research, or the Berkeley Data Analytics Stack (BDAS). 

We're also always on the lookout for grad students who can teach their hard-won skills to other researchers. We'll interview you, support you, and embed you in an energizing environment.

  4.  Consultants. We're looking for one-on-one support across the tools/methods/data spectrum. Join our roster of active consultants. 2-4 hours/week.

  5.  Workshop instructors. As always, we invite you to propose workshops and trainings. Tell us what you'd like to see -- or what you could teach!

If you're interested ...

Email us a cover letter and a resume/cv. Tell us concretely what you can do in D-Lab -- how can you help us serve our users, the more specific the better. If you have other experience (including outside academia) that strengthens your case, let us know. Tell us how many hours/week you're looking for and whether you need a fee remission. 



Jon Stiles

Jon Stiles has supported research data (and the folks who use it) at UC Berkeley since 1995. He helped build the D-Lab from its inception in 2011, through studs and bolts, to its present incarnation as a hub for social data scientists on campus and beyond.  Stiles received his PhD in Sociology from UC Berkeley, and his research interests include educational and population dynamics, immigration, and inequality and stratification.