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Data and the Shutdown

Posted: Oct, 07, 2013

By: Jon Stiles

I really should have seen it coming

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D-Lab is hiring - position #1

Posted: Sep, 13, 2013

By: Cathryn CARSON

D-Lab is hiring administrative staff! Look for posting #16644 at jobs.berkeley.edu (Administrative Officer 2).

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Courses across campus - Methods, tools, and data

Posted: Aug, 18, 2013

By: Cathryn CARSON

Berkeley has incredible course offerings for social scientists in training. They're in scores of departments across a dozen colleges and schools. That's the richness of Berkeley, and also its challenge: How do you find your way to courses you need? Some are in the disciplinary departments. Many others are in the professional schools.

Check out the Fall 2013 course list -- now online.

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Strategic planning

Posted: Jun, 15, 2013

By: Cathryn CARSON

D-Lab is a curious venture. We ran a lean operation in Spring 2013 -- lean in dollars, lean in staff, lean in philosophy. Even as we experimented and gathered data, we served more users than we dreamed we could.

To launch our operations, we built two sets of public-facing services:

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Director search!

Posted: Jun, 13, 2013

By: Cathryn CARSON

From the Vice Chancellor for Research

Posted: 6/13/13


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By the numbers - Spring 2013

Posted: Jun, 09, 2013

By: Cathryn CARSON

We live by data. Here's some of our own:

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Summer in the Collaboratory

Posted: May, 10, 2013

By: Susan Ayasse Grand

We are looking forward to summer.

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Statistics / SocSci mixer

Posted: Apr, 05, 2013

By: Cathryn CARSON

What if Statistics and social science graduate students worked together on new research?

The Statistics grad students want to try it out. I went over to brainstorm with them about D-Lab. Now they've organized a "mixer." This is their first step toward building out collaborations.

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Hack the book!

Posted: Mar, 20, 2013

By: Cathryn CARSON

On the Same Page is pulling in every incoming Berkeley undergrad to read this book about the dawn of the computer age. Before they roll it out this summer, they're looking for creative ideas from graduate students (and others!) to engage every incoming student.

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D-Lab open house! Tu 3/5 pm

Posted: Mar, 04, 2013

By: Cathryn CARSON

D-Lab just added events on Tu 3/5:

  • We have a great speaker at noon.
  • It's time for an open house.
  • And two important foundations are visiting to learn about Berkeley's "data science" offerings.

Participate in an engaging discussion, see what D-Lab is all about, and meet other researchers and scholars.

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