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Qualtrics is a powerful, full-featured web-based platform for creating, sharing and conducting online surveys. Berkeley provides access to all basic features of this software to all campus members. Several schools and departments maintain their own Qualtrics "brands", and the school-based/departmental brands may offer additional modules and features tailored to that discipline, above and beyond what is included in the UC Berkeley-wide instance. 


Berkeley Qualtrics Brands & Divisions

School/ department Contact
Campus-Wide Brand Jon Stiles
Haas School of Business Philip Mahoney
School of Public Health Lauren Goldstein
School of Social Welfare Heidi Wagner
Political Science Department Gabriel Lenz
Psychology Department Eric Eichorn
Lawrence Hall of Science Mac Cannady










Online Trainings and Resources:


Basic Building and Distributing Webinar 45 minutes Jump in and learn how simple it is to start with Qualtrics. We’ll guide you through the basics of creating and distributing surveys. We’ll go over creating, customizing, and distributing surveys.
Advanced Survey Building Webinar 45 minutes Up your Qualtrics game. Learn how to use advanced tools to enhance your surveys. We’ll teach about survey logic options, randomization, embedded data, piped text, and other great features.
Reporting Webinar 45 minutes Now that you’ve collected great data, we’ll teach you what to do with it. Come learn about our responses and results tools and the customization and sharing options available!


Intro to Qualtrics in 5 steps

Step 1: Beginning to Build 12 minutes In this step you will learn how to create a survey from scratch using various Qualtrics features for adding questions, editing questions, and formatting your survey’s look and feel.
Step 2 Text: Customizing Survey Pathways 10 minutes In this step you will learn about the various logics that enable your survey to present unique experiences to each respondent. Specifically you will learn how to hide/display questions and question blocks based on respondent criteria (i.e., only those 18+ are allowed to see the main survey questions).
Step 3: Customizing Survey Experience 10 minutes In this step you will learn how to customize your survey further using some advanced Qualtrics features like Quotas and Force Response.
Step 4: Distributing your Survey 10 minutes In this step you will learn how to get your survey to your respondents. Specifically you will learn about the various distribution methods in Qualtrics: email, social media, QR codes, etc.
Step 5: Analyzing your Data 15 minutes In this step you will learn how to analyze the data that your respondents have provided. Specifically you will learn about the Data & Analysis and Reports modules that enable you to view your data on both an individual and aggregate level.

Qualtrics Training Resources for Brand Administrators