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We are building a digital archive of primary materials related to the three slave conspiracies that occurred in Louisiana in 1791, 1795 and 1810. The focus of the archive will be the testimonies taken from slaves and their allies in the conspiracy. Previously these testimonies have only been available to scholars who have been able to travel to Louisiana, Spain and Cuba to access the official records. We are transcribing, translating, tagging, and collating these testimonies along with other archival documents related to the conspiracies, including new prints of municipal records from the Archivo General de Indies in Seville. D-lab data scientists are using geospatial data, spatial analysis and network analysis to explore new ways to visualize and gain insight on these historical events.

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Department of English
Bryan Wagner (PI); Patty Frontiera; Amani Morrison; Shad Small; Stacy Reardon