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Administration and Operations

Susan Ayasse Grand has been at UC Berkeley since 1992 when, as part of a team at UCDATA, she worked with the California Department of Social Services and local Welfare agencies evaluating the AFDC reforms of the 1990's. On this project, Grand cut her teeth on large State of California data extracts - writing SAS syntax to clean data, run analyses and crash the unix buffer space. Despite the missing semi-colons, she developed a passion for people data and data people.  

This passion evolved at D-Lab, where Grand started in 2013.  At D-Lab she now directs administration and operations, seeing these as a necessary foundation for the D-Lab team to build a robust training program for UC Berkeley data science researchers.  

At D-Lab, open and equitable access to opportunities for learning and development is our obligation and goal.  See the UC Berkeley Principles of Community.

Email: susangrand AT berkeley DOT edu