D-Lab Data Science Fellows (2022-2023)

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Data Science Fellows Description

Data Science Fellows are an integral part of the D-Lab community. They largely support the D-Lab’s instruction program, while additionally bolstering the D-Lab’s interdisciplinary research mission by delivering talks and writing blog posts. The D-Lab Data Science Fellowship is intended for Berkeley students who wish to provide sizable and wide-ranging contributions to the D-Lab community. Those interested in the fellowship are expected to have high technical competency and be ready to instruct and deliver research talks.

The D-Lab Data Science Fellowship is a 2 consecutive semester commitment. If a Fellow cannot fulfill their commitments for both Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters, they will no longer hold the title of Data Science Fellow, and will not be eligible for a Senior Data Science Fellowship. The time commitment for a Data Science Fellow is approximately 5 hours a week for the 16 week semester, totaling around 80 hours each semester.

A Fellow has the following responsibilities:

  • Write two blog posts, preferably one each semester
  • Give a Fellows Talk each semester
  • Attend the majority of Fellows Talks
  • Participate in Fellows meetings
  • Instruct and assist workshops:
    • Attend Instructor Training Meetings
    • Teach at least 4 workshops per semester
      • 3 hours of instruction time for each workshop
      • 4 hours of preparation for each workshop
    • Assist with at least 6 workshops a semester (roughly 2 a month)

With the following optional responsibilities:

  • Participate in curriculum review and development

  • Participate in D-Lab special projects

  • Participate in consulting and attend biweekly consulting triage meeting

Data Science Fellows are expected to have a plan on how they expect to allocate their required hours among these responsibilities. The following is one example:

  • Write a blog post: 4 hours
  • Give a Fellows Talk: 6 hours
  • Attend 10 Fellows Talks: 10 hours
  • Attend training or Fellows meetings: 4 hours
  • Lead 4 workshops: 12 hours instruction and 16 hours of preparation
  • Assist with 2 workshops per month (6 workshops total): 18 hours per semester and 10 hours of preparation

This template corresponds to 80 hours, which is the required time commitment for a Data Science Fellow. However, a Fellow may include hours via other optional responsibilities, provided that they have prior approval and meet their teaching obligations.

Data Science Fellows receive a stipend of $2400 at the conclusion of each semester subject to satisfactory completion of the above requirements and participation in D-Lab activities.

Going above the 80 hour requirement is possible. If you wish to deepen your engagement in the D-Lab and increase your weekly commitment, please speak with a D-Lab core staff member about your interests. However, additional hours are not guaranteed and must be discussed in advance.

Application Deadline: