D-Lab Instructors

D-Lab Instructor Job Description

D-Lab instructors teach thousands of students each year how to use important software and tools that support their research. It’s one of our organization’s most important roles. We are excited that you're interested in the opportunity to teach at D-Lab. 

Instructors teach a variety of workshops online to Berkeley students. Past offerings have varied from Python to R programming to MAXQDA, Tableau, and Excel. We value a diversity of knowledge, and our ethos is IOKN2K, 'It's OK Not 2 Know'. D-Lab instructors are happy to meet students where they're at.

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For Spring 2022 we are recruiting registered UC Berkeley graduate students for instruction. Instructors will teach online introductory, intermediate, and advanced workshops. We welcome those with Python and R competencies, but we would also like to highlight we need applicants with the following skills as well:

  • Python (actively hiring)

  • Stata 

  • Tableau 


  • Demonstrated competency in one or more of the above listed areas 

  • Must be a registered UC Berkeley graduate student in the semester in which you teach.

Additional preferred qualifications:

  • Experience with social science or humanities research data and applications 

  • Teaching experience - as a lead instructor, GSI, or tutor

  • Experience working with Git/Github (we will provide training as needed)

Roles and responsibilities:

D-Lab will provide mentorship and training as you onboard for workshop instruction. However, you can expect to perform the following functions:

  • Teach, at a minimum, two workshops per month. Workshops are usually three hours long (online)

  • Assist as a workshop helper twice a month (online)

  • Every other week attend a 30-minute instructor’s meeting (online)

  • Within the first three-weeks of the instructional semester sign up for workshops you will teach or assist with. 

  • Provide feedback on and implement updates to workshop materials using GitHub.

  • Communicate schedule changes or issues as they occur

  • Seasoned instructors are expected to provide mentorship to new instructors

  • respond to D-Lab staff communications regularly and in a timely manner. Our team works asynchronously, so answering emails and slack messages is crucial to delivering smooth workshops.

Compensation and Hours: 

D-Lab instructors typically are hired as Student Assistant 4s with a starting rate of $26/hour as of Spring 2021. Instructors are compensated for their time in the workshop plus preparation. We provide instructional materials for almost all of our workshops. Instructors are asked to provide feedback on and implement updates to workshop materials using GitHub. In some cases, instructors work to develop new workshop materials for the D-Lab, pending prior approval. D-Lab instructors work, on average, 4 to 15 hours per week during the academic semester.

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