D-Lab Excel Workshop Facilitator

D-Lab Excel Workshop Facilitator

The Social Sciences D-Lab offers about 80 workshops every semester. D-Lab workshop instructors teach scholars how to use important software and tools that support their research. It is one of our organization’s most important roles. 

Most of our workshops are offered over Zoom in two or three-hour segments. A key part of our workshop model is active learning, including challenge exercises, longer guided exercises, and question-and-answer with our participants.

Our workshops are open to all members of campus, as well as our partner organizations. Participants come to our workshops with a vast range of familiarity with programming and data science tools. For that reason, the D-Lab ethos is IOKN2K! (It’s okay not to know!). D-Lab workshop instructors are happy to meet participants where they're at.

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We are seeking a highly skilled and motivated individual to lead two Excel workshops. These workshops are designed to equip attendees with fundamental and advanced Excel skills to effectively handle data, perform calculations, create charts, and utilize pivot tables.

Anticipate a commitment of 24 to 30 hours per semester for these workshops and a $1,000 stipend. Availability for a continuous 3-hour period between Monday and Thursday, from 9 am to 5 pm, is required. All workshops conclude by 5 pm. Excel workshops are conducted both remotely and in-person, and the curriculum has already been established. Each workshop is presented twice within a semester. Additionally, there are two shorter, in-person workshops offered each semester, lasting approximately 90 minutes.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Conduct two separate workshops:

   - Workshop 1: Introduction to Excel (3 hours)

     - Provide an overview of Excel, assuming no prior experience

     - Instruct attendees on using functions for data handling and calculations

     - Guide participants in building charts and pivot tables

   - Workshop 2: Advanced Excel Techniques (3 hours)

     - Dive into chart creation and customization

     - Review pivot table functionalities

     - Instruct VLOOKUP function

2. Prepare to deliver engaging and interactive workshop content.

3. Provide hands-on guidance and support to attendees during the workshops.

4. Address questions and provide additional resources for further learning.


  • Proficiency in Excel, with a strong understanding of functions, charts, pivot tables, and the VLOOKUP function.

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills. 

  • Previous teaching or training experience is a plus.

  • Ability to adapt to different learning styles and levels of proficiency.

  • Must be a registered UC Berkeley graduate student in the semester in which you teach.

How to Apply & Deadline:

Please complete our Google form to submit your application. When prompted for a description, please make sure to include "Excel Workshop Facilitator." The application deadline is November 24th. Interviews will be conducted during the week of November 27th. Thank you for your interest!

Instructor Disclaimer: 

D-Lab workshops are peer-led and self-paced learning opportunities, where workshop instructors facilitate sessions without formal classroom structures. Participants who attend our workshops do so voluntarily, in a self-paced way without receiving academic credit or a formal grade. Attendance is optional, and there are no mandatory assignments, homework, grades, or projects associated with the workshops. In short, D-Lab workshops are not credit-bearing courses.