Policies for Using the D-Lab:

To all D-Lab community members: follow these policies when you are in the D-Lab public spaces, which include rooms 356, 371, and 64 Barrows Hall.

  1. D-Lab is a harassment-free place for everyone, regardless of level of expertise, career status, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion or ethnicity. If you’re in the D-Lab, embody this.

  2. D-Lab spaces are collaborative work spaces, not quiet spaces. However, while D-Lab spaces are not quiet spaces, they are work spaces. Therefore refrain from distracting others. Use a headset if you are listening to audio. Refrain from loud talking, and step outside when talking on a cell phone.  

  3. After hours usage of 356 Barrows is for cardkey holders only, from the hours of 5pm-12midnight & 6am-9am, and is provided for scholarly work or pre-approved D-Lab activity. Your cardkey request must be approved by a D-Lab staff person who is familiar with your work. Access is for one academic year and must be renewed.

  4. D-Lab events held in 356 Barrows take precedence over individual work. Although D-Lab personnel will attempt to give notice of closures, we reserve the right to fully or partially close the workspace due to trainings or events without advance notice.

  5. Restore furniture to its correct arrangement.  

  6. Discard trash and recycling in the receptacles in the hallway.

  7. Alcohol is not allowed in the D-Lab public spaces without a permit.

  8. Food and drinks are not permitted on the tables with computers.

  9. Do not store personal belongings in the D-Lab.

  10. The computers in 356 Barrows must be accessed using Calnet Authentication.

  11. Our collaboratory computers are equipped with standard suites of statistical software and tools. Please report any problems with software to our front desk staff. Please make any requests about additional software needs to the front desk staff.

  12. Users are expected to be using the computers or workspace for work related to the D-Lab mission, academic work or other scholarly research.

  13. Do not view offensive content (including explicit emails) on computers.

  14. All users should backup their data onto USB flash drives, external hard drives, or cloud storage services such as Box or Drive.  D-Lab deletes all user data from the computers, on an as-needed basis. D-Lab is not responsible for any data stored on the D-Lab computers.

  15. Computer users must log off after they have finished with the computer. You may be logged off if you leave a computer unattended.  To respect the privacy of other users, log off any user who has not logged off.

  16. Please report any problems with computer lab equipment to D-Lab personnel immediately.

  17. Equipment and supplies are not to be removed, modified, relocated, tampered-with, ‘borrowed’ or disassembled, without the express permission of the D-Lab.  Do not alter hardware or software settings (including web-browser plug-ins).

  18. Reproduction of copyrighted material is prohibited.

  19. D-Lab community members, including visitors, participants, instructors, consultants, staff, and volunteers are required to abide by the UCB Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy, the UCB Code of Student Conduct, the UCB Computer Use Policy, and the UCB Electronic Communications Policy, links below: