Whether you are new to Berkeley or new to data science, you may be interested in shopping for academic classes that relate to data science methods, tools and techniques.  You might hear about some of these classes from your advisors, GSIs or fellow students. However, the Class Schedule in the Berkeley Academic Guide  provides a fantastic, flexible, comprehensive search tool for discovering current semester class offerings.

Using the Class Schedule tool, you can search by keyword, department, semester, course level and more.  Since the term data science is broadly inclusive of many subjects and disciplines you can try a variety of keyword searches to get you started. Here are links to Fall 2018 search results for topics of interest to D-Labbers:

For degree options and course recommendations, undergraduates may want to check out the Division of Data Science website.  Graduate students can similarly check out the ISchool’s Online Master of Information and Data Science program. There are also many other UC Berkeley programs that relate to data science from a specific domain perspective.

If you are looking for short courses on data science topics, here are just a few links to get you started, beginning, of course, with the D-Lab’s calendar.


Happy shopping and have a great semester!




Patty Frontiera

Dr. Patty Frontiera is the D-Lab geospatial topic area lead. As such, she develops the geospatial workshop curriculum, teaches workshops and consults on geospatial topics.  Patty has been with the D-Lab since 2014 and served as the the Academic Coordinator through Spring 2017. Patty received her Ph.D. in Environmental Planning from UC Berkeley where her dissertation explored the application and effectiveness of generalized spatial representations in geographic information retrieval.