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The dramatic increase in computational power for mathematical modeling and simulation has led to the fact that scientific computing now plays a significant role in the analysis of complex physical systems, such as computer chip manufacturing, battery modeling, turbine design, aircraft prototype testing, climate change and star formation, to name a few. More recently, too much data has become another compelling problem: radio telescopes, DNA sequencers, particle accelerators, sensor networks, social networks and the internet all collect much more data than humans can analyze and understand. In this case one needs to use statistics and machine learning, along with data visualization, to extract useful information from the data. The solutions to the mentioned problems share many mathematical, statistical and computational techniques in common.

The mission of the CSE program is to help educate UC Berkeley students in these common techniques, to help them solve CSE problems across a wide range of disciplines. The CSE program is committed to the development of new curricula and expanded programs aimed at development and propagation of the use of numerical and computational tools to further research across multiple disciplines. To that end, the CSE program will actively support the training and multidisciplinary education of scientists, engineers and technical specialists who are experts in relevant areas.