A talk by Dr. Jonathan Tedds, Senior Research Fellow, D2K Data to Knowledge, Dept of Health Sciences, University of Leicester.

PI: #BRISSKit www.brisskit.le.ac.uk 

The Peer REview for Publication & Accreditation of Research data in the Earth sciences (PREPARDE) project seeks to capture the processes and procedures required to publish a scientific dataset, ranging from ingestion into a data repository, through to formal publication in a data journal. It will also address key issues arising in the data publication paradigm, namely, how does one peer-review a dataset, what criteria are needed for a repository to be considered objectively trustworthy, and how can datasets and journal publications be effectively cross-linked for the benefit of the wider research community.

I will discuss this and alternative approaches to research data management and publishing through examples in astronomy, biomedical and interdisciplinary research including the arts and humanities. Who can help in the long tail of research if lacking established data centers, archives or adequate institutional support? How much can we transfer from the so called “big data” sciences to other settings and where does the institution fit in with all this? What about software?

Publishing research data brings a wide and differing range of challenges for all involved, whatever the discipline. In PREPARDE we also considered the pre and post publication peer review paradigm, as implemented in the F1000 Research Publishing Model for the life sciences. Finally, in an era of truly international research how might we coordinate the many institutional, regional, national and international initiatives – has the time come for an international Research Data Alliance?