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Data Services Lead

Jon Stiles has supported research data (and the folks who use it) at UC Berkeley since 1995. He helped build the D-Lab from its inception in 2011, through studs and bolts, to its present incarnation as a hub for social data scientists on campus and beyond.  Stiles received his PhD in Sociology from UC Berkeley, and his research interests include educational and population dynamics, immigration, and inequality and stratification.

Stiles is also a senior fellow at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS), the official campus representative for ICPSR, the Roper Center, and the Census State Data Center network, and serves as the Executive Director of the Federal Statistical Research Data Center (RDC).


SPSS, dataset advising, research management
Not currently available.

Works with you to find the right data for your research, work with, manage, and manipulate the data resources you’re using, and think through using data in their research process. DataCensus, survey data, ICPSRRoper Center, restricted use resources, administrative data. Tools: SPSS, Stata, SDA, DataFerrett Roles: data management, archiving, research tools OrganizationsUC DATACCRDCD-Lab

If you'd like to request a consultation with Jon, please include the following: a brief description of your project, data and what stage you are at in the research process.