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Operational Lead

Susan Ayasse Grand received an M.A. in Demography from UC Berkeley in 1992.  In the 1990's she worked at UCDATA for the California Department of Social Services, helping to evaluate the Clinton administration's welfare reforms.  On this project, Grand cut her teeth on large State of California data extracts, writing SAS syntax to clean data, run analyses and ... crash the unix buffer space. Despite the missing semi-colons, she developed a passion for people data and data people.  

This passion evolved at the D-Lab, where Grand started in 2013.  At the D-Lab she now serves as the manager of administration and operations.  Grand knows responsive and informed operations are a necessary foundation for the D-Lab's robust program of data intensive social sciences support. 

Plus as a data nerd and a people person,  Susan is just super excited to help social science students onto to the data superhighway. No better way to save the world!

email: susangrand AT berkeley DOT edu