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When & Where
Fri, April 26, 2019 - 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
D-Lab Convening Room

This interactive workshop goes into the nuts and bolts of effective execution of research process. The goal is to lay out best practices in implementing a research project to make the process more seamless, productive and enjoyable. Through experiential learning exercises, participants will have the opportunity to practice some of the concepts in a supportive setting. They will gain hands-on experience in crafting their research interests into an actionable research plan.

 The workshop is designed for undergraduate and graduate students or researchers at the beginning of their research careers, although seasoned scholars may also benefit from the hands-on approach. In time-sensitive setting, participants will practice on doing literature reviews, sketching mock publication visuals and writing mock abstracts. An open-mindset and playful approach are the main things needed alongside with a laptop with access to the internet, research database(s) and a text-processor.

If interested, please register first using the D-Lab registration link and then complete this short survey prior to the workshop.

Training Host: 
D-lab Facilitator: 
Evan Muzzall
Participant Technology Requirement: 
Laptop, a research database (e.g. PubMed), regular text-processor (e.g. Word, Pages, Text Editor, etc.)
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