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When & Where
Fri, March 3, 2017 - 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
D-Lab: Convening Room (356 Barrows Hall)

This workshop provides an introduction to working with and visualizing spatial data in R. We give an overview of spatial data types and methods for importing and creating spatial data.  Participants will learn the basic tools for plotting data on a map and customizing the symbology.  We will also introduce methods for defining and transforming coordinate reference systems. Emphasis will  be on working with vector data - points, lines and polygons. Prior experience working with spatial data in R is helpful but not required.

Prerequisites: Students should have basic R experience equivalent to that provided by the D-Lab’s R FUN!damentals workshop series.

Technology requirements: Students should bring a laptop to the workshop with R and RStudio installed. To follow along with the tutorial please have the following R packages installed: sp, raster, rgdal, and RColorBrewer.


Training Host: 
D-lab Facilitator: 
Patty Frontiera
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