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This workshop provides a practical approach to understanding multilevel and dyadic modeling. It is aimed at graduate students, postdocs, and faculty members who are familiar with the basic principles of OLS regression and are looking to extend their knowledge of regression to nested data (e.g., days within people, students within classroom, romantic partners). This workshop will be particularly well-suited for people who have already collected data of this nature, but nested data is not a prerequisite for the workshop.

Multilevel Modeling

  • What is Multilevel Modeling
  • When is it appropriate
  • What can you do with it
  • Creating your model
  • How to conduct MLM analyses using statistical software
  • Moderation and Mediation

Dyadic Models

  • When is data dyadic?
  • Testing for interdependence
  • Types of dyadic models (focusing on the Actor-Partner Interdependence Model)
  • Creating your model
  • Conducting dyadic analyses
  • Moderation and Mediation

In order to benefit from this workshop, you should be familiar with analyzing data using statistical software. The workshop builds on the principles of OLS regression, so you should have a basic understanding of multiple regression. This includes understanding the regression equation, basic assumptions of regression, and how to conduct and interpret output for regression analyses with multiple predictors. In addition, you should be comfortable with the concepts of mediation (i.e., testing indirect effects) and moderation (i.e., testing interactions). This will likely mean that you have taken at least one advanced statistical course focused on regression methods.

Please bring your own laptop with statistical analysis software installed. The workshop will be taught using the software HLM and SPSS. If you want to use other statistical packages, the instructor can help you interpret the output but likely won’t be able to help you run the analyses.

This is a 3-day workshop, 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. each day. Refreshments will be provided. The workshop is jointly sponsored by the Department of Psychology and D-Lab.

Registration is required. Registrants will be contacted by e-mail for payment of a registration fee of $25 in order to hold their registration.

Training Host: 
Format Detail: 
Registration limited to 45. 30 spots to be held for students, faculty, and affiliates of the Department of Psychology.
Participant Technology Requirement: 
Please come with a laptop with software preinstalled. For info about software packages, see above.