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When & Where
Mondays, 4:00-5:30pm, reconvening January 30, 2016
Barrows 356: D-Lab Convening Room

Python Practice is a working group on the UC Berkeley campus, sponsored by the D-Lab. We hold informal weekly meetings teaching and learning about different topics in the Python programming language, especially for social science, data science, and visualization.

This is ideal for learners who are new to Python — you'll have a group of peers instead of being by yourself. If you're a little more advanced, you can try to teach something. You are welcome to attend any or all meetings throughout the semester.

You can check out or improve our learning resources. We also have a list of topics from past meetings. Please send an email or join us on Mondays from 4:00-5:30pm at D-Lab (356 Barrows Hall, UC Berkeley). 

Coordinators: Megan Carey (mcarey@berkeley.edu) and Liza Praprotnik (liza.praprotnik@berkeley.edu

D-lab Facilitator: 
Patty Frontiera