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Field Research: Getting Feedback Before It’s Too Late

Posted: Sep, 12, 2017

By: Patty Frontiera

Across the social sciences, there is increasing interest in conducting randomized field experiments because of both their strong internal validity (from randomization) and external validity (by conducting the research in the real-world).

Field experiments have the added benefit of simplicity. At the end of the day, a well-executed randomized experiment ensures that experimental groups have the same potential outcomes, meaning that in most cases, all the analysis requires is a straightforward difference-in-means.

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Welcome to Fall 2017 at the D-Lab

Posted: Aug, 30, 2017

By: Patty Frontiera

The D-Lab provides academic support services for scholars at every stage of the research process, from any background and at any learning level. Whether you are a freshman or  faculty, our philosophy is IOKN2K! (it’s ok not to know!)  D-Lab is a safe, supportive and collaborative environment in which students, staff, researchers and affiliates can learn new methods and tools or exchange experiences and knowledge. Our services are developed with social scientists and digital humanists in mind, yet they have broad applicability.

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3 Easy Steps to Make Graphs on Tableau

Posted: Jul, 11, 2017

By: Jessica Martinez

 Attention data scientists, text analysts, and researchers! Ready to organize your data into charts and dashboards?

Visual representation of data both enhances your work’s presentation and allows you to examine information from a variety of perspectives. Below is a quick introduction to the business intelligence tool, Tableau, which creates interactive reports, charts, graphs, and dashboards that can be easily shared.

1. Download the Tableau Software

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Know Your Copyrights: A Review of Copyright and Fair Use Rules for Digital Practices

Posted: May, 04, 2017

By: Jessica Martinez

From the beginning stages of research to the final steps of publishing, copyright rules are essential in understanding how to properly reproduce or link to sources in your own dissertation, article, website, or digital project. With this issue in mind and always at the forefront of student and faculty needs, the D-Lab hosted an informational workshop led by former copyright attorney and current U.C. Berkeley Library Scholarly Communication Officer, Rachael Samberg.

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Digital Humanist aims to run OCR over a terabyte of rare book scans

Posted: Apr, 26, 2017

By: Anonymous (not verified)

Since his college days at Brigham Young University (BYU), Adam Anderson has been measuring evenings and weekends in pages, rather than hours. “You can scan about 400 pages an hour, once you get in the groove,” he explains. Anderson, a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Humanities at UC Berkeley, has spent his career scanning texts in order to draw upon secondary literature in archaeology and computational linguistics.

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D-Lab is hiring instructors and consultants!

Posted: Apr, 12, 2017

By: Evan Muzzall

The D-Lab is hiring instructors and consultants beginning Summer 2017 to teach introductory, advanced beginner, and intermediate workshops and/or provide consulting. If you feel inspired to help fellow researchers and students learn about and work research tools, methods & techniques, we're interested in hearing from you. D-Lab is an open, inclusive culture that values diversity and open exchange. We will let you develop leadership in your particular area while working collaboratively with other students and staff.

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Cloud Working Group mid-semester update: Spring 2017

Posted: Apr, 12, 2017

By: Aaron Culich

This semester’s Cloud Working Group (CloudWG) has focused on a researcher’s ability to move her data and execute her research computation on multiple platforms, including commercial cloud (e.g., Amazon AWS), national infrastructure (e.g., XSEDE’s Jetstream), and a local workstation or laptop.

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D-Lab is Looking for a Qualitative Data Analysis Topic Area Lead

Posted: Mar, 23, 2017

By: Patty Frontiera

D-Lab is seeking a new graduate student team member to implement our qualitative data analysis (QDA) vision for a spectrum of services, including workshops, consulting and working groups. If you feel inspired to help fellow researchers and students learn about and work with research methods and tools, we're interested in hiring you.

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D-Lab is looking for a blogger!

Posted: Mar, 16, 2017

By: Willie Calvin

Are you a passionate writer, with a creative eye and love for all things data? If so, we’d love to hear from you!

D-Lab is looking for a UC Berkeley graduate student, for the position of a blog and grant writer who can support both the D-Lab and Digital Humanities in keeping their respective blogs active and also helping with grant applications. This position would be hired as a GSR at 50%.

About D-Lab:

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Go from Analog to Digital Texts with OCR

Posted: Mar, 10, 2017

By: Quinn Dombrowski

OCR text

A collection of digitized texts marks the start of a research project —  or does it?

For many social sciences and humanities researchers, creating searchable, editable, and machine-readable digital texts out of heaps of paper in archival boxes or from books painstakingly sourced from overlooked corners of the library can be a tedious, time-consuming process.

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