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How is Berkeley feeling? You can find out right now at berkeley_mood's Twitter page! Berkeley_mood is a Twitter bot that pulls status updates tagged with the city of Berkeley's coordinates, analyzes them for emotion-bearing words, and publishes a summary to Twitter every time the predominant mood changes. You can see the code that powers this account here, and learn how to write your own Twitter bot during our upcoming training!

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One of the opportunities and challenges of 'data science' is that it allows you to bring the methodological flexibility of scientific computing to bear on newly available, complex data sets from ub
Introducing the Cornerstone Research Economic Consulting Datathon

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Cleanweb Berkeley is a working group using information technology to understand and address resource issues.

Wednesdays, 10-11am

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qualitative methods; inductive research design; data collection
By Appointment

Consulting for qualitative methods; inductive research design; interdisciplinary research; data collection techniques including ethnography/participant-observation, archival research, oral histories, and interviews; theories of social scientific research and method; qualitative data analysis.