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D-Lab Brown Bag Series

RQDA, qualitative data analysis for the statistical program R
The D-Lab welcomes graduates students from all disciplines at all stages of research to our new brown bag series, "How We Did It", a bi-weekly series, on topics from soup to nuts.


Introducing the Cornerstone Research Economic Consulting Datathon
D-Lab is seeking a new graduate student team member to implement our qualitative data analysis vision for a spectrum of services, including workshops, consulting and the Qualitative Methods Group.

Featured Working Group

So you’ve got some of your graduate classes under your belt, and it's time to begin an original research project.  But how exactly are you going to go about surveying voters in Tanzania, interviewi

Thursdays 5-6pm, Starting March 3

Featured Consultant

R, Stata, Social Sciences, digital humanities, Quantitative Methods
Mondays, 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Consulting for computational social science and digital humanities projects. Research design, data collection (public-use datasets, digitizing, and scraping), data cleaning, and statistical analysis (regression, clustering, text analysis, causal inference, machine learning) in R and Stata. Website here.