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D-Lab offers consulting services on research design, data analysis, data management, and related techniques and technologies. We welcome inquiries from Berkeley faculty, staff, postdocs, and grad students at all levels of expertise. Our standard consulting services are free of charge. In general, we provide consulting for you at your research stage, NOT for coursework. Please use your TAs for support specific to individual classes or assignments.  



D-Lab Consulting Services are minimally staffed during the summer. Consequently we may not respond to your submitted request within the normal response time (3-7 days). We ask that you hold any non-urgent requests until the start of the Fall semester (August 21, 2019).


To submit a request to meet with a D-Lab consultant:

  • Use the descriptions below to select the consultant whose areas of expertise seem to best meet your needs. Then click on their By Appointment link to submit your request. Note, you must be logged-in to submit a consult request.
  • Please do not submit the same request to multiple consultants at the same time.
  • Include in your request a brief description of your project, your data and your current stage in the research process. 

Submit a NEW request for all consultations, even if you have corresponded directly with a consultant before.  This includes the additional request and all subsequent meeting requests.


Other campus consulting resources are listed at the bottom of this page

digital humanities, scanning & OCR, network analysis, geospatial analysis
natural language processing, text analysis, Python
Cloud, HPC (high performance computing), JupyterHub, BinderHub, databases, SQL, Python
Python (Pandas, Numpy, Scikit-learn), Data Visualization (Tableau, Matplotlib), SQL
Excel, Python, R, Visual Basic, Data Cleaning, Data Management, data visualization
Qualtrics, MTurk, Stata, surveys, experimental design, Dataset building/cleaning
Geospatial data and analysis, web mapping, geocoding, postgis, R spatial packages, ArcGIS, QGIS
Python, Machine learning, statistical modeling
text analysis, Topic modeling, Qualitative data analysis
Spatial Analysis in R and ArcGIS, GIS & Public Health, GIS project management
Survey Design, research design, R, Stata, nVivo, Dedoose, Qualitative Methods, mixed methods
Research Data Management
R, Machine learning, experiments, causal inference, parallelization
Computational Design, Generative Form Finding, Energy Modeling, Grasshopper Rhinoceros, Mixed Reality
statistical modeling, causal inference, regression analysis, Machine learning, R, Python, Git, GitHub, LaTEX
R, tidyverse, shiny, bookdown, blogdown, research design, spatial stats, Regression, making nice graphs!
data visualization, ArcGIS (ArcMap, ArcGIS Online, Story Maps), QGIS, help with online tools
Qualitative Research, Qualitative Data Analysis Software, MaxQDA
Requests for Data Peers Consulting Only**
Data Sources, Data Cleaning, data visualization
Excel data management, analysis, and visualization
Survey Design, experimental design, Data Cleaning, data visualization, R, Stata, SAS, Qualtrics
Copyright, Intellectual Property, Licenses, Licensing, Publishing, Scholarship
SQL, Data Cleaning, Data mining, visualization, Machine learning, APIs, surveys
Architectural modeling and rendering, photogrammetry, image processing, acoustic analysis, game engines
Methodologies/Approaches, digital humanities, qualitative analysis, Professional Development, Pedagogy
R, Python, LaTEX, Dataset building/cleaning, data visualization, text analysis, and machine learning. Please contact me if you are interested in writing more efficient code!