Zillow ZTRAX Data at Berkeley

 September 24, 2021 WAS the last day to submit new proposals to use the ZTRAX data. We are no longer accepting new requests to use the data.

The D-Lab and IPIRA (Intellectual Property & Industry Research Alliances) jointly manage access to the Zillow ZTRAX data at Berkeley. The Zillow Transactions and Assessor Dataset (ZTRAX) is a national housing database composed of two distinct, but relatable sets of tables. The ZTransaction tables Include information from more than 374 million detailed public records across over 2,750 counties. This encompasses more than two decades of detailed Information from deed transfers, mortgages, foreclosures, auctions, property tax delinquencies and more for both residential and commercial properties. These transactions and real estate events can be mapped to ZAssessment tables, which include property characteristics, detailed geographic information, and prior assessor valuations on approximately 200 million parcels In over 3,100 counties. These data are only available to currently active UC Berkeley faculty and staff and to students who are also employed by the university.

Please email ztrax@berkeley.edu for more information about these data.