Consulting Requests

Please view our guidelines on submitting a better consulting request, which can lead to faster response times. 

  • Ask one question at a time: Tickets can sit longer in the queue if consultants doen't feel like they address all of your questions. 
  • State Your Goal: Clearly state your desired outcome.
  • Clarify Research Focus: Clearly outline your research question or problem statement. Define the key concepts and variables you're investigating.
  • Specify Methodology: Describe the research methods you're using or planning to use.
  • Data Details: Specify the type of data, sources, and any limitations.
  • Not sure about you can provide the details above! That's okay too! Let us know you need a sounding board and that you're in the exploratory phase. 

These details will help us, help you!

Quick-tip: Include in your request a detailed description of your question or project and your timeline or current stage in the research process.

D-Lab offers free consulting services on research design, data analysis, data management, and related techniques and technologies. We welcome inquiries from Berkeley faculty, staff, postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students at all levels of expertise. Our standard consulting services are free of charge.