When I was in college I took an introductory programming class and promptly forgot 95% of what I learned.
A project that uses many tools that are taught at the D-Lab, and on which I’m excited to be working with students, focuses on exploring the city of Oakland, CA through spatial data.

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Beginning March 15, 2020, the D-Lab offices and public spaces in Barrows Hall are closed until further notice. All D-Lab workshop instruction, events, consultations and meetings are moving to online delivery in response to corona virus (COVID-19) concerns.  Click here for more details.


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Affiliate Spotlight

Scott Peterson is a staff member in the Arts & Humanities Division of the Library, as well as a Carpentries instructor and lesson maintainer. He has been a member of the Research Data Management Operations Team on campus, and has experience with topics concerning the Digital Humanities, Research Data Management, and Computational Text Analysis.

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The Computational Text Analysis Working Group (CTAWG) features demos, tutorials, and ongoing projects through which we are learning to use an array of computational text analysis approaches includi

Every other Wednesday, 3:00-5:00pm

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Excel, R, geospatial analysis in R/Python, Topic modeling
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Ella is a PhD student in the Energy and Resources Group. Her research examines water governance in a changing climate, drawing on geo-spatial techniques. Her past work includes applications of topic modelling in climate change adaptation research, and inductive coding of semi-structured interviews.