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As an environmental occupational health researcher, I study the complex human-work environment using advanced epidemiological analysis. My primary research as a PhD student at the School of Public Health here at UC Berkeley involves developing quantitative metrics of shift-work and health to estimate the association between exposure to rotational shift-work and sickness absence among an aluminum manufacturers cohort. I have a strong skill set in survey design, data management, interpretation, and results communication. 


September 19, 2018
September 5, 2018


Stata, Data Cleaning, Quantitative Methods, Statistical Inference
Not currently available.

I am available for a wide range of data cleaning, analytical, and programming questions in Stata. I can also assist in bridging the gap between epidemiological concepts (confound, bias, etc.), statistical inference (did I choose the right regression model, did it account for confounding appropriately) and how to begin to answer those questions from Stata Output.