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Qualitative Research Lead

Josué Meléndez Rodríguez is a PhD Student in Social Welfare and the Qualitative Research Lead for D-Lab at UC Berkeley. His work focuses on understanding and impacting social wellbeing within and through higher education. Josué came to Berkeley with a practice background, and his engagement with research officially began with doctoral studies. During his time at UC Berkeley, he has engaged courses, workshops, and other offerings about and assisted in conducting primarily qualitative research through the UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare, Graduate School of Education, D-Lab, and other UC Berkeley programs. He is currently conducting three qualitative research projects using MaxQDA for coding and analysis.


By Appointment

I can provide consultations on qualitative research, such as conceptualizing a project and understanding differences between methodologies, as well as basic questions about using qualitative data analysis (QDA) software, such as benefits and general functions. I am most familiar with MAXQDA. I can also help with questions about qualitative coding separate from QDA software, such as creating codes, drafting a code book, and applying and analyzing codes.

Working Groups

October 4 from 2:30-4:30pm; additional dates and times TBD
varies - look for "QMG Presents" on our calendar or trainings page