Improved Data Protection Features for Berkeley Qualtrics Users

October 14, 2020

D-Lab has long been a champion of campus qualtrics users by hosting workshops and supporting consulting requests. We have some updates that we would like to share with you regarding some changes to the campuswide qualtrics brand that might affect your surveys.


In order to ensure compliance with UC privacy and information security policies, we have added a new Qualtrics feature that will alert survey builders when they create a survey question that asks for protected data, called  the Sensitive Data Policy.  As users create surveys, they can take advantage of the built-in Expert Review feature to understand why a question is flagged as “out of compliance” and how to fix it. 

We will be implementing the protected data policy on October 26, 2020. In the first phase, it will warn survey creators that their questions are requesting sensitive information.

Beginning November 9,  the tool will also start redacting any protected information provided in question responses. For any questions that ask for protected information, it will warn the respondent that they are being asked to provide protected information and that if they choose to answer, their answers will be redacted. The tool will not redact answers submitted prior to the implementation of this feature. Moreover, any surveys that are active at the time response redaction is turned on will not have any responses redacted (e.g., they won't start redacting any triggering repsonses for these surveys that are received after November 9.)


We recognize that now, perhaps more than ever, there is a legitimate need for many Berkeley Qualtrics users to safely and securely collect protected or sensitive data, and we are working on implementing a new brand for campus that will be compliant with P4 and HIPAA privacy standards. To request more information, please fill out this form


If you have questions about how to use Qualtrics and its extensions, search the Qualtrics online help pages or schedule a meeting with a D-Lab consultant. Also, keep current with our workshop calendar to sign up for future Qualtrics workshops.

If you have questions about your Qualtrics account, collaboration and sharing your surveys, deploying large surveys to 10+ plus recipients, transferring your surveys and data to another account, or getting access to extensions, email the Campus Qualtrics Support Team at They are very helpful & responsive!