Jae Yeon Kim, Ph.D.

Job title: 
Former Senior Data Science Fellow
Political Science

Jae Yeon Kim was a senior data science fellow at D-Lab. Jae Yeon is a research affiliate at the SNF Agora Institute and P3 Lab at Johns Hopkins University. In 2023, he will join the Code for America as a senior data scientist. He studies computational social science and civic data science, focusing on marginalized populations.

Featured D-Lab Blog Post: Introducing “A Three-Step Guide to Training Computational Social Science Ph.D. Students for Academic and Non-Academic Careers”

Personal Website: https://jaeyk.github.io/

Research interests: 

Languages and Topic Areas: Python, R, SQL, LaTeX, HTML / CSS, Databases & SQL, Data Manipulation and Cleaning, Data Science, Data Sources, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Mixed Methods, Natural Language Processing, Python Programming, R Programming, Software Tools, Surveys, Sampling & Interviews, Text Analysis, Web Scraping, Regression Analysis, Hierarchical Models, Means Tests, Software Output Interpretation, Bash or Command Line, Git or Github, RStudio