Madeline Adee

Job title: 
Computational Social Science Fellow
Health Policy
School of Public Health

Madeline Adee is a Health Policy PhD student at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health, with a specialization in Population Health and Data Science. Her research focuses on improving public health interventions and healthcare for people involved in the criminal justice system. She is also interested in the implementation process of prison reform programs and policies, including decarceration, and how these efforts can improve health and reduce health disparities. Prior to starting her PhD, she worked on studies assessing the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of different hepatitis C testing and elimination strategies globally, and a simulation modeling project evaluating the potential impact of different interventions to reduce overdose mortality. Adee holds an MPH in Health Policy from the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University and a BS in Anthropology from Portland State University. 

Research interests: