Solis Winters

Job title: 
Computational Social Science Fellow
School of Public Health

Solis Winters is a PhD student in Health Policy, with a specialization in Population Health and Data Science, at Berkeley’s School of Public Health. Her research focuses on improving health and nutrition during the first 1000 days of life, from pregnancy through age two. She is especially interested in using methods from causal inference to better understand what types of community-based interventions can improve birth outcomes and child malnutrition in low-income communities. “I am excited to join a program that recognizes the need for cross-disciplinary methods and perspectives in improving health outcomes and achieving health equity,” says Winters. “Through the CSSTP, I hope to learn how advanced computational methods from machine learning and causal inference can be incorporated into my own research and translated into effective, evidence-based programs and policies to improve maternal and child health.” 

Research interests: