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Marina Blum

Data Science Fellow
School of Public Health

Marina is a master's student in the Health and Social Behavior division of the School of Public Health. She has extensive experience in ATLAS.ti and can help you get the most out of the program. She is passionate about data visualization, and is happy to help with related questions and questions on qualitative methods.

Spooky Microbiomes and the Curse of Dimensionality

October 25, 2021

Microbiomes are all the rage today and this trendiness is clear with the Human Microbiome Market predicted to be valued at more than 1 billion dollars by the year 2027 (up from 376 million in 2019).

With studies showing that our microbial community is associated with health outcomes, from regulating our brain chemistry and behaviors...

Michael Sholinbeck

Public Health Librarian
Bioscience, Natural Resources & Public Health Library

Michael has worked at the UC Berkeley Library since 2001, and is currently the Public Health Librarian at the Bioscience, Natural Resources & Public Health Library. Michael coordinates public health instruction at the library, and is responsible for the public health collection. Michael has a MLIS from San Jose State University, an MS in Geography from Oregon State University, and a BA in Geography from UC Berkeley. When not at work he lives out his fantasy of being a rock and roll drummer.

Finding Health Statistics and Data

October 21, 2021, 11:00am
Participants in this workshop will learn about some of the issues surrounding the collection of health statistics, and will also learn about authoritative sources of health statistics and data. We will look at tools that let you create custom tables of vital statistics (birth, death, etc.), disease statistics, health behavior statistics, and more.

Working with Patient Data

October 12, 2021

I’ve always been interested in biological information and human health while in more recent years I’ve developed a narrower interest in privacy concerns regarding patient data. When it comes to working with patient health data, I’ve realized a human-centered approach is vital. The question is, which human perspective do we empathize with? There are multiple stakeholders that handle patient data, including the patient, medical professionals, the data managers and systems professionals, the government, and private entities. Each stakeholder has their own set of interests,...

Frank Hidalgo Ruiz

Data Science Fellow

I am currently a 5th-year Chemical Biology Ph.D. student. My research focuses on understanding the mechanism by which mutations in a protein called Ras lead to tumorigenesis. More specifically, I aim to integrate high-throughput mutagenesis, coevolutionary analysis, and machine learning algorithms to generate a predictive model. Over the last year, I have built a Python package to process, analyze, and visualize Next Generation Sequencing datasets. I love collaborating across research fields and sharing my passion for data science.

Caroline Figueroa, MD, Ph.D.

Research Fellow, Digital Health Social Justice Project Lead
School of Social Welfare
Digital Health Social Justice

Caroline Figueroa, MD Ph.D., is a Postdoctoral Scholar at UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare. She obtained her MD degree and Ph.D. degree at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Her Ph.D. research took place at the University of Amsterdam and at the University of Oxford, where she studied cognitive and neurobiological vulnerability factors for recurrence of depression in patients remitted from Major Depressive Disorder. Current research interest is on digital interventions for depression, with an emphasis on developing cutting-edge innovations that tailor to the needs of...

Alison Victoria White

Changemaker Technology Project
Digital Health Social Justice

Alison (she/her) is a recent graduate of UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Cognitive Science and minors in Data Science and Journalism. She is interested in precision medicine and the intersection of computer science, data science, and the fields of neuroscience and psychopathology. She now works as a Research Coordinator in Dr. Ian Gotlib's Stanford Neurodevelopment, Affect and Psychopathology Lab. In the past, she served as a Research Assistant in labs at UC Berkeley, UCSF, and Stanford in the areas of computational psychiatry, developmental psychopathology, and digital health. She...

Monica Donegan

Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

Monica is a first-year Ph.D. student in the Environmental Science, Policy, and Management program. She uses computational tools to study the evolution and ecology of agricultural plant pathogens. Previously, she worked on a data science team at a biotech company in Boston.