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Below are the consultant we have available with Machine Learning and other expertise listed.

Skyler Yumeng Chen

Data Science for Social Justice Fellow 2024
Haas School of Business

Skyler is a Ph.D. student in Behavioral Marketing at the Haas School of Business. Her research centers on consumer behavior and judgment and decision-making, with a keen interest in both experimental methods and data science techniques. She holds a B.A. in Economics and a B.S. in Data Science from New York University Shanghai.

Grace Hu

Data Science for Social Justice Fellow 2024

Grace is a 3rd year Bioengineering PhD candidate in the joint UC Berkeley-UCSF Graduate Program. Her research lies at the nexus of computational design and 3D-bioprinting to advance tissue engineering for regenerative medicine. She previously studied Materials Science and Engineering (B.S.) and Computer Science (M.S.) at Stanford University, where she investigated printable batteries to power an ultra-affordable scanning electron microscope and explored computer science education research by developing AI models to augment teaching ability.

In her free time she...

Hellina Hailu Nigatu

Data Science for Social Justice Fellow 2024
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)

I am a PhD student at UC Berkeley in the EECS department co-advised by Prof. Sarah Chasins and Prof. John Canny. My research interest broadly lies in the intersection of AI and HCI, with a focus on making usable AI tools accessible to end users.

I am currently looking into making NLP tools usable and accessible for low-resourced languages. I am also interested in the impact of AI on society, specifically in how it affects Global Majority countries and communities. Outside of research, I like to read books, make and drink traditional Ethiopian coffee, knit,...

Mingyu Yuan

Data Science for Social Justice Fellow 2024

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Linguistics, with a focus on phonetics and phonology, specifically speech production in neuro-atypical populations. I use methods from Natural Language Processing in my day-to-day research.

Kurt Soncco Sinchi

Data Science for Social Justice Fellow 2024
Civil Engineering

First generation student and looking to improve and apply Data Science core concepts into social impactful projects, as well as trying to leverage the information from previous cases for better insights of society. Focused on infrastructure and its impact under natural disasters.

Stephanie Andrews

Data Science for Social Justice Fellow 2024
Info & Data Science MIDS

Stephanie Andrews is currently studying data science in the MIDS program, having previously majored in Social Welfare as an undergraduate at Cal. After graduating, she worked as an advocate for survivors of gender-based violence, as a public policy analyst focusing on anti-trafficking initiatives, and as a software engineer for progressive and social impact organizations. She is now conducting research with the Human Rights Center's Investigations Lab, using OSINT and data science methods to investigate human rights violations.

Sahiba Chopra

Data Science Fellow 2024

I'm a PhD student in the Management and Organizations (Macro) group at Berkeley Haas. I have a diverse professional background, primarily as a data scientist across numerous industries, including fintech, cleantech, and media. I hold a BA in Economics from the University of Maryland, an MS in Applied Economics from the University of San Francisco, and an MS in Business Administration from UC Berkeley.

My research focuses on the intersection of inequality, technology, and the labor market. I am particularly interested in understanding how to reduce inequality in...

Jaewon Saw

Data Science Fellow 2024
Civil and Enviromental Engineering

I am a PhD candidate in Systems Engineering. My current research focuses on distributed acoustic sensing (DAS), a cutting-edge technology with diverse applications. I have used DAS to detect whale vocalizations in Monterey Bay, California, and to monitor roadways, water pipelines, and energy infrastructure.

I enjoy identifying and mitigating challenges that arise when applying new technologies by developing data tools, pipelines, and frameworks for real-world deployments. My work is driven by a keen interest in exploring and refining innovative...

Enrique Valencia López

Data Science Fellow
Graduate School of Education

Enrique Valencia López is a PhD student in the Policy, Politics and Leadership cluster at the Graduate School of Education.His research interests relate to three broad areas: the stratification of education by gender, immigration status and ethnicity; the measurement of teacher working conditions and well-being; and education in Latin America.

Before coming to Berkeley, Enrique worked for Mexico’s National Institute for Educational Evaluation and Assessment (INEE) in both the Policy and Indicators area. During that time, he co-authored Mexico’s first report on the educational...

Bruno Smaniotto

Data Science Fellow 2024

I'm originally from Brazil, but I have been living in Berkeley for the last 5 years working towards my PhD in Economics. My main areas of interest are Behavioral and Macroeconomics, mostly their intersection, but I'm excited about learning and working on empirical applications on different fields.