Thomas Lai

School of Information

I am a Product Engineer passionate about applying engineering, data science, machine learning, and problem-solving principles to improve device performance and solve complex challenges. With experience in statistical analysis, lab bench automation, and Python scripting, I have developed a strong technical skill set that allows me to make meaningful contributions to any project. Beyond my work, I am also passionate about exploring new topics and ideas, from the latest technology trends to how to improve the overall well-being of humans. I enjoy applying the first principle to any...

Reine Ngnonsse

IUSE Undergraduate Advisory Board
Genetics and Plant Biology

Reine Ngnonsse, an enthusiast for math and technology, delved into tutoring math at a community college through the EOPs program. At UC Berkeley, while pursuing Genetics and Plant Biology, She explored R programming in a CRISPR project. As an intern at Health Career Connection, Reine expanded coding skills in Python, R, and Tableau, igniting a passion for programming. With exposure to Python and Javascript, she can't wait to merge mathematical prowess with coding finesse for innovative solutions.

Hugh Kadhem

Data Science Fellow

Hugh Kadhem is a Ph.D. student in Applied Mathematics, with broad research interests in computational quantum physics and high-performance scientific computing.

Thomas Lai

Consulting Drop-In Hours: Fri 3pm-5pm

Consulting Areas: Python, Matlab, APIs, Data Manipulation and Cleaning, Data Science, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Python Programming, Software Tools, Git or Github, Spotfire

Quick-tip: the fastest way to speak to a consultant is to first submit a...

Sophie Ruehr

Consulting Drop-In Hours: By appointment only

Consulting Areas: Python, R, LaTeX, Matlab, Data Visualization, Geospatial Data, Maps & Analysis, Means Tests, Regression Analysis, Software Output Interpretation, Spatial statistics, Time series, Bash or Command Line, Excel, Git or Github, Google Earth Engine, MATLAB, RStudio

Quick-tip: the fastest way to speak to a consultant is to first ...

Emma Turtelboom

Data Science Fellow

I am a PhD student in the Astronomy department, and I study planets outside our own solar system. I'm interested in learning how the properties of host stars affect planetary systems. In my free time, I love swimming, hiking, reading, and baking.

Alex Bruefach

Discovery Graduate Fellow
Materials Science and Engineering

Alex is a PhD Candidate in materials science and engineering developing image processing and machine learning techniques for extracting information from electron microscopy datasets. Her primary focus is understanding what information is transferred from various feature representations of images. She has extensive experience collaborating across boundaries and is passionate about brainstorming innovative approaches to challenging data science problems!

Josh Everts

School of Information

I'm a Master's student at the Berkeley School of Information in the MIMS program, studying Data Science. I am especially interested in applying the statistical and computational methods of Data Science to problems within the natural sciences and transportation. To this end I am currently helping with the data analysis of a spectroscopy experiment at SLAC National Lab. Outside of academic work I enjoy improving my cooking skills, biking, and learning about history and geography.

Irene Farah

City and Regional Planning

Irene is a PhD student in City and Regional Planning. Her research interests lie at the intersection of urban geography, political science, and public health. In particular, she studies street vendors in Mexico City and how the spatiality and politics of their working conditions impact their access to healthy food. She strongly believes in connecting with other social scientists to share perspectives on how to use technology to acquire greater knowledge of social phenomena.

Lia Chin-Purcell

School of Information

Hello! I am a first-year Masters's student at the School of Information in the MIMS program with a focus is in data science and ethics. Before joining Berkeley, I studied computer science at the University of Puget Sound.