D-Lab Consultants

D-Lab Community

D-Lab consultants have the opportunity to assist with intriguing questions posed by graduate students, faculty, scholars and other research institutions throughout campus. We work collaboratively within the D-Lab network of consultants, instructors and data science fellows to address general technical questions and niche research questions. No two inquiries are the same.

Apply to learn more about D-Lab and be part of our community. Many consultants have used this role to step into workshop instruction or to become a Data Science Fellow.

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Specialized Area of Hire

For the Fall semester we are looking to hire 1 to 2 new consultants for each of the following areas:

  • Statistics, if you are a graduate student within the Stats Department we highly encourage you to apply

  • Qualitative research methods or knowledge of tools such as MAXQDA, NViVo, Praat, Atlas.Ti 

  • Statistical packages such as STATA, SASS, SPSS

  • Tableau or Excel for data analysis & visualization

  • Survey design or survey analysis

  • Google Apps Script (perferable) or java script
  • Python
  • R Programming

Roles and responsibilities:

D-Lab consultants perform all of the following functions:

  • Host a weekly 2-hour drop-in session at our virtual front desk. This is done in collaboration with other D-Lab consultants. In most cases consultants can work as many 10 hours per week. 

  • Address two consulting tickets per week

  • Attend a mandatory 30-minute biweekly team meeting that fits in with your schedule.

  • Maintain communication with D-Lab core staff and respond to emails and slack messages in a timely manner

  • Maintain communication with consultees. Once you pick up a ticket we expect you maintain communication with the person you are assisting

  • Ability to use Slack and bCal as essential communication and coordination tools

Compensation and Hours: 

D-Lab consultants typically are hired as Student Assistant 4s with a starting rate of $26 per hour and must work a minimum of 2 hours per week.