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We Are Working On Digital Health Social Justice: Here’s Why.

Posted: Dec, 01, 2020

By: Dr. Caroline Fi...

If you have ever used a mobile app to track your exercise, train in mindfulness, or collect diet tips, you may have noticed an overwhelming number of apps to choose from.

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Impactful Data Science: What I Learned through Data Science for Social Good

Posted: Nov, 04, 2020

By: Hikari Murayama

It’s times like these when I like to think about how I can bring together all the technical work I like to do and the impact I want to make.

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Improved Data Protection Features for Berkeley Qualtrics Users

Posted: Oct, 14, 2020

By: Patty Frontiera

D-Lab has long been a champion of campus Qualtrics users by hosting workshops and supporting consulting requests. We have some updates that we would like to share with you regarding some changes to the campuswide Qualtrics brand that might affect your surveys.

New Protected Data Feature on all Berkeley Qualtrics Platforms

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Adding Basemaps in Python with Contextily

Posted: Oct, 08, 2020

By: Patty Frontiera

If you work with geospatial data in Python, you most likely are familiar with the fantastic GeoPandas library. GeoPandas leverages the power of Maplotlib to enable users to make maps of their data. However, until recently, it has not been easy to add basemaps to these maps. Basemaps are the contextual map data, like Google Maps, on top of which geospatial data are often displayed.

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Why Teaching Social Scientists How to Code Like a Professional Is Important

Posted: Sep, 23, 2020

By: Jae Yeon Kim

I use data science to study political learning, organization, and mobilization among marginalized populations. I have always loved programming and want to serve people lacking voice and representation in a society. I am blessed to have found and chosen computational social science—a field situated between social science and data science—as my main research area. 

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Exploring Berkeley IGS Poll Data in Python

Posted: Aug, 06, 2020

By: Patty Frontiera

Between April 16 and 20, 2020 the Institute of Governmental Studies (IGS), in conjunction with the California Institute of Health Equity and Action(Cal-IHEA), polled 8,800 registered voters about a variety of issues concerning the current state of politics and COVID-19. This was an unprecedented and urgently needed pulse-taking of the California populace during the pandemic.

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Silence is Violence

Posted: Jun, 04, 2020

By: Claudia von Vacano

Dear fellow scholars and community members,

We write this statement of solidarity, denouncing the murder of George Floyd in Minnesota and the ongoing oppression of Black Americans.

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Exploring Animal Crossing with Data Science

Posted: May, 18, 2020

By: Aniket Kesari

Like many people around the world, I have been spending the last few weeks at home pouring hours into Nintendo’s newest hit game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In what the New York Times describe as “The Game for the Coronavirus Moment,” players take up the role of a human who moves to a deserted island to start a new town alongside their anthropomorphic animal neighbors.

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Snippets of the COVID-19 Scenario in Africa

Posted: May, 11, 2020

By: Gift Kiti

State of play

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Data and Tools for Mapping COVID-19

Posted: Apr, 28, 2020

By: Patty Frontiera

Since the early days of the COVID-19 crisis (the past few months!), the spatial and temporal enormity of the situation has been tellingly conveyed in mapped data visualizations.

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