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Hate that defines us

Posted: May, 06, 2019

By: Simal Ozen Irma...

In 2018, according to a survey conducted on behalf of the Anti-defamation League, 53% of Americans experienced some form of online hate speech.

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Collaborative & Reproducible Research as a (Semi) Independent Researcher

Posted: Apr, 30, 2019

By: Ijeamaka Anyene

As I started graduate school, I received the opportunity to become part of a research group working on the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV. Quickly I discovered that being part of a research group requires a lot of independent research. But that independent research is not quite so independent. Instead my main collaborator when it came to code review and continuation of work, was myself. However, it was not myself at the time the analysis was conducted, it was myself two weeks later trying to build on my previous work.

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Working with Data to Explore Transportation and Society

Posted: Apr, 23, 2019

By: Sergio Castella...

One of the great things about the D-Lab is the ability to engage with students and researchers from different backgrounds and learn from their approaches to doing research and answering interesting questions.  A project I’m quite excited in growing with the D-Lab community to include broader perspectives is one related to transportation in cities.


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Integrating Law & Data Science in Teaching

Posted: Apr, 16, 2019

By: Aniket Kesari

Data, Prediction and Law is an innovative course  that has been offered by the Berkeley Legal Studies undergraduate program for the past two years. This is one example of the Data Science Education Program’s “data-enabled courses” that build on concepts introduced in Data 8: Foundations of Data Science and other core courses.

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Learning, teaching then some more learning

Posted: Apr, 09, 2019

By: Pelagie Elimbi ...

Docendo discimus ( "by teaching, we learn") is an old latin proverb that expresses an important philosophy about the learning process. The Dlab is one of the few communities that I have found at UC Berkeley that  fully embodies and champions this way of thinking. 


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Acoustic Data for Linguistic Analysis

Posted: Apr, 01, 2019

By: Emily Grabowski

Acoustic data, or recorded human speech, is often used in data science for direct applications such as automatic speech recognition. However, acoustic data is a rich source of information about human language and has the potential to contribute to research beyond these specific applications. 


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Love Data Week 2019

Posted: Feb, 07, 2019

By: Amy Neeser

February 11-14 is Love Data Week and the campus is hosting a number of events to celebrate!

This nationwide campaign is designed to raise awareness about data management, security, sharing, and preservation. Students, researchers, librarians and data specialists are invited to attend these events to gain hands on experience, learn about resources and best practices and engage in discussions around data needs throughout the research process.

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Leave Only Footprints

Posted: Dec, 21, 2018

By: Patty Frontiera

Creating County Files from the Microsoft US Building Footprints Dataset

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Online Hate Speech Research at the D-Lab

Posted: Nov, 13, 2018

By: Claudia Natalia...

According to the Pew Research Center 41% of American adults have experienced online hate speech and harassment, and 66% have witnessed it. D-Lab’s Online Hate Index research project investigates hate speech as a social and linguistic phenomenon, grounded on prior domestic and international policy and law, academic research, and in collaboration with advocacy organizations. Our hate speech research innovates on several fronts: 

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ArcGIS Online - a Geospatial Data, Mapping, Spatial Analysis and Web Publishing Platform

Posted: Nov, 06, 2018

By: Patty Frontiera

Looking for a tool to create a map? Share geographic data online? Develop a map-based website? Perform spatial analysis? Geocode addresses? If so, give ArcGIS Online a try. 
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