Berkeley Federal Statistical Research Data Center

The Berkeley Federal Statistical Research Data Center (FSRDC) is a partnership between the University of California at Berkeley and the Census Bureau. It is one of more than 30 secure facilities in the U.S. where approved researchers can access and analyze otherwise unavailable microdata collected or held by the Census Bureau, BEA, BLS, NCHS, and AHRQ. Although some of these data have corresponding public use files, management of disclosure risk in the public use files usually entails top-coding or recoding of variables and substantially limited identifiable geographies. Many other research datasets in the FSRDCs simply have no corresponding public use microdata. Because the observations have individual identifiers, they can often be linked to other data sets. A fuller description of the resources in the nation-wide FSRDC Program can be found here on the Census Bureau's website

For more information, check out our webpage detailing the Berkeley FSRDC data holdings and guidelines for access.