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The Statewide Database (SWDB) is the redistricting database for the state of California. In 2001, these data were used for state legislative and local redistrictings following the 2000 Census as mandated by law. Data collection and processing for the redistricting are ongoing tasks conducted over a ten year period of time, starting with the collection of the census at the beginning of each decade. With each election between redistrictings, updated data sets are available as a free, public resource as soon they are processed. Currently the data are being prepared for the 2011 redistricting. Statewide Database staff is dedicated to providing nonpartisan support and assistance to all interested in using these data, including the general public, scholars and politicians. We provide raw data via the Internet free of charge or CD-ROMs with data at cost. We make our offices and equipment available for public use and provide training on how to work with the data. Our staff can assist in downloading and FTP access, formatting and using statistical analysis packages. We monitor the development of Geographical Information Systems for redistricting and have copies of the most common packages available in our offices in order to be able to provide assistance on how to use them with our data.