Anushah Hossain

Job title: 
Senior Data Science Fellow
Energy and Resources Group

Anushah's background is in history and economics and she is interested in questions of how technological and social trends inform one another. She uses the models and methods of these disciplines - theories of technological change, an eye towards historical contingencies, and familiarity with programming tools - to undergird her work. In the past she's studied how internet users make sense of barriers they encounter when accessing the web, how cellular communications alter the nature of village life in the Philippines, and how the South Asian diaspora finds community and reckons with its history using Facebook. Her dissertation research focuses on the development of multilingual computing and the significance of it for the Global South. Anushah is available to provide guidance on research design, review instruments for data collection, aid in qualitative coding, and discuss writing-up.

Research interests: 

Science and Technology Studies, Development, Globalization, Virtual Ethnography, Digital Humanities, Surveys & Interviews