Qualitative Methods

Nimita Gaggar

Consulting Drop-In Hours: By appointment only

Consulting Areas: Python, R, Qualitative methods, R Programming, Other, RStudio

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Jane Angar

Consulting Drop-In Hours: Wed 9am-11am

Consulting Areas: R, Stata, LaTeX, Data Manipulation and Cleaning, Data Visualization, Qualitative methods, R Programming, Regression Analysis, Means Tests, Excel, Git or Github, Qualtrics, RStudio, Stata, Jupiter Notebook

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Elijah Mercer

Consulting Drop-In Hours: Mon 3pm-5pm

Consulting Areas: Python, R, Data Sources, Mixed Methods, Qualitative methods, Surveys, Sampling & Interviews, Excel, Qualtrics

Quick-tip: the fastest way to speak to a consultant is to first submit a request and then ...

Creating the Ultimate Sweet

January 30, 2024
by Emma Turtelboom. What is the best Halloween candy? In this blog post, we will identify attributes of popular sweets and create a model to understand how these attributes influence the popularity of the sweet. We’ll discuss alternative model approaches and potential drawbacks, as well as caveats to interpreting the predictions of our model.

Addison Pickrell

IUSE Undergraduate Advisory Board

Addison is an aspiring mathematician and social scientist (Class of '27). He loves collecting books he'll never read, is an open-source and open-access advocate, and an aspiring community organizer and systems disrupter. Ask me about community-based participatory action research (CBPAR), critical pedagogy, applied mathematics, and social science.

Survey Fundamentals

February 21, 2024, 1:00pm
This two-hour workshop offers a comprehensive introduction to designing and conducting survey studies. Tailored for beginners, it provides clear, step-by-step guidance complemented by concise examples, practical considerations, and useful support materials. Participants will learn the entire process, from formulating a research question to creating, administering, and analyzing surveys, as well as interpreting results and communicating their findings.

Berkeley FSRDC Fundamentals

January 31, 2024, 11:00am
Interested in restricted Census or partnering RDC agency (AHRQ, BLS, BEA, NCHS) data use? This one-hour introductory workshop will provide an overview of the Berkeley Federal Statistical Research Data Center, with no prior experience assumed. Attendees will learn about the national RDC network, how to access information online about restricted Census data, and how to navigate proposal development.

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Fundamentals

February 16, 2024, 9:00am
Are you starting a research project at UC Berkeley that involves human subjects? If so, one of the first steps you will need to take is getting IRB approval.

Tonya D. Lindsey, Ph.D.

Data Science Fellow
Institute of Governmental Studies (IGS)

Tonya D. Lindsey is a visiting scholar at the Institute of Governmental Studies and the project director of CRB Nexus: Where Policy Meets Research, an initiative of the California Research Bureau (CRB) at the California State Library. As project director of CRB Nexus, she is developing a community of practice space for California’s policy staff and public scholars. As a CRB senior researcher she uses her expertise in research methods to analyze a wide variety of policy questions at the request of legislators, the governor’s office, and their staff. She received her PhD in sociology...

Artificial Intelligence and the Mental Health Space: Current Failures and Future Directions

October 31, 2023
by María Martín López. María Martín López, a PhD student in the department of psychology whose research focuses on large language models within the context of mental illness, gives an overview of current failures and possible future directions of NLP models in the mental health space. She brings up questions that must be considered by all researchers working in this space and encourages these individuals to think creatively about the use of AI beyond direct treatment.