Claudia von Vacano, Ph.D.

Job title: 
Founding Executive Director, Sr. Research Associate, P.I.

Dr. Claudia von Vacano is the Founding Executive Director and Senior Research Associate of D-Lab and Digital Humanities at Berkeley and is on the boards of the Social Science Matrix and Berkeley Center for New Media. She has worked in policy and educational administration since 2000, and at the UC Office of the President and UC Berkeley since 2008. She received a Master’s degree from Stanford University in Learning, Design, and Technology. Her doctorate is in Policy, Organizations, Measurement, and Evaluation from UC Berkeley. Her expertise is in organizational theory and behavior and in educational and language policy implementation. The Phi Beta Kappa Society, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, and the Thomas J. Watson Foundation, among others, have recognized her scholarly work and service contributions.



Susan Wang; Vandana Janeja; David Harding, Ph.D.; Claudia von Vacano, Ph.D.; Daniel Lobo
Journal Article, 2023
Claudia von Vacano, Ph.D.; Michael Ruiz; Renee Starowicz, Ph.D.; Seyi Olojo; Arlyn Y. Moreno Luna; Evan Muzzall, Ph.D.; Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton, Ph.D.; David Harding, Ph.D.
Journal Article, 2022