Larissa Benjamin

Job title: 
Doctor of Public Health Student
Public Health

Larissa Benjamin is a second year Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) student at UC Berkeley. Her research uses a mixed-methods approach to exploring the structural determinants of cardiovascular disease inequities in the rural Southeastern United States, also called the “Stroke Belt.” She is particularly curious about how regional history, geography, and structural racism shape inequitable rural neighborhood risk environments. Larissa earned a BS in Evolutionary Anthropology and English from University of Michigan, and an MPH at UC Berkeley in Health and Social Behavior with a Specialty Area in Multicultural Health. As a Project Policy Analyst at Berkeley Public Health, Larissa worked on multiple health equity-centered projects with Professors Denise Herd and Mahasin Mujahid before starting the DrPH program.

Research interests: 

Public Health, Rural Health, Marginalized Populations, Mixed-Methods, Covidence