IUSE Undergraduate Advisory Board

Addison Pickrell

IUSE Undergraduate Advisory Board

Addison is an aspiring mathematician and social scientist (Class of '27). He loves collecting books he'll never read, is an open-source and open-access advocate, and an aspiring community organizer and systems disrupter. Ask me about community-based participatory action research (CBPAR), critical pedagogy, applied mathematics, and social science.

Dustin Wallace

IUSE Undergraduate Advisory Board
Data Science

My name is Dustin Wallace, I am a 3rd-year transfer student from Fresno City College. I’m majoring in Data Science and plan to pursue a Master's of Financial Engineering or Master's of Information and Data Science after my time here at Cal. I'm a part of many communities on campus, such as reentry transfer students, Berkeley Underground Scholars, and EOP. My research deals with challenges faced by formerly incarcerated students within higher education, and private prisons. I am currently involved in student trading challenges where I compete against students from all over the world...

Esmeralda Michel

IUSE Undergraduate Advisory Board
Social Welfare

Hello! I am a third year undergraduate studying Social Welfare with minors in Public Policy and Education. I am passionate about the intersections of community organizing, research, and public policy. I also enjoy reading, running, and taking care of my plants!

Reine Ngnonsse

IUSE Undergraduate Advisory Board
Genetics and Plant Biology

Reine Ngnonsse, an enthusiast for math and technology, delved into tutoring math at a community college through the EOPs program. At UC Berkeley, while pursuing Genetics and Plant Biology, She explored R programming in a CRISPR project. As an intern at Health Career Connection, Reine expanded coding skills in Python, R, and Tableau, igniting a passion for programming. With exposure to Python and Javascript, she can't wait to merge mathematical prowess with coding finesse for innovative solutions.