Data Visualization

María Martín López

Data Science Fellow

María Martín López is a PhD student in the Cognition area within the Department of Psychology. Her research relates to cognitive computational and quantitative models of individual differences in behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. She is particularly interested in how we can create and leverage novel algorithms to understand, measure, and predict processes relating to externalizing psychopathology (e.g. impulsivity, aggression, substance use). She answers these questions using a range of computational and quantitive models including AI, NLP, SEM, time series analysis, multi-level...

Using Forest Plots to Report Regression Estimates: A Useful Data Visualization Technique

October 17, 2023
by Sharon Green. Regression models help us understand relationships between two or more variables. In many cases, results are summarized in tables that present coefficients, standard errors, and p-values. Reading these can be a slog. Figures such as forest plots can help us communicate results more effectively and may lead to a better understanding of the data. This blog post is a tutorial on two different approaches to creating high-quality and reproducible forest plots, one using ggplot2 and one using the forestplot package.

Thomas Lai

Consulting Drop-In Hours: Fri 3pm-5pm

Consulting Areas: Python, Matlab, APIs, Data Manipulation and Cleaning, Data Science, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Python Programming, Software Tools, Git or Github, Spotfire

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Ini Umosen

Consulting Drop-In Hours: Tue 9am-11am

Consulting Areas: R, Stata, LaTeX, Data Manipulation and Cleaning, Data Science, Data Visualization, R Programming, Text Analysis, Web Scraping, Regression Analysis, RStudio, RStudio Cloud, Stata

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Suraj Nair

Data Science Fellow
School of Information

I am a PhD Student at the School of Information. My research interests lie at the intersection of development economics and machine learning, with a focus on the use of large scale digital data and new computational tools to study pressing issues in global development.

Alex Ramiller

Data Science Fellow
City and Regional Planning

I am a PhD Candidate in City and Regional Planning. My research focuses on the use of large administrative datasets to study residential mobility, neighborhood change, and housing access. I received a Master in Geography from the University of Washington and a Bachelor's in Economics and Geography from Macalester College. I have also consulted on analytical projects for several organizations including the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank, PolicyLink, and the City of Seattle.

Lauren Chambers

School of Information

Lauren Chambers is a Ph.D. student at the Berkeley School of Information, where she studies the intersection of data, technology, and sociopolitical advocacy with Prof. Deirdre Mulligan. Previously Lauren was the staff technologist at the ACLU of Massachusetts, where she explored government data in order to inform citizens and lawmakers about the effects of legislation and political leadership on our civil liberties. Lauren received her Bachelor's from Yale in 2017, where she double-majored in astrophysics and African American studies, and she spent two years after graduation in...

Jane Angar

Political Science

Mango Jane Angar is a Political Science Ph.D. student at the University of California, Berkeley. Her research focuses on Political Violence and Disability Politics. In particular, she examines how state institutions, society, and disabled persons organizations conceptualize and define disability.

Jailynne Estevez

Info & Data Science MIDS

Jailynne Estevez is a Data Analyst and a prospective Masters in Information and Data Science candidate at UC Berkeley. With a bachelor's in Public Policy, she brings a diverse skill set to her pursuits, demonstrating aptitude in data analysis and programming.

Ini Umosen


Ini is a PhD candidate in the Department of Economics. She studies topics in labor economics and the economics of education using applied econometrics methods. Current work in progress includes evaluating the impact of school choice systems and investigating gender and racial bias on gig platforms. She is a former Graduate Research Fellow at the California Policy Lab. She has also been a tutor for econometrics, labor economics, and macroeconomics.